What is the Mobilization School Program in Indonesia

What is the Mobilization School Program in Indonesia? The Mobilizing School Program is an effort to realize the vision of Indonesian Education in realizing an advanced Indonesia that is sovereign, independent and has personality through the creation of Pancasila Students.

The Mobilizing School program focuses on developing student learning outcomes in a holistic manner which includes competence (literacy and numeracy) and character, starting with excellent human resources (principals and teachers). The Mobilization School Program is a refinement of the previous school transformation program. The Mobilizing School Program will accelerate public/private schools in all school conditions to move 1-2 stages more advanced. The program is carried out in stages and integrated with the ecosystem so that all schools in Indonesia become the Mobilizing School Program.

Characteristics of the Mobilization School Program
  • A collaboration program between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Regional Government where the commitment of the Regional Government is the main key
  • Has a scope and covers all school conditions, not just top schools, both public and private
  • The program is carried out integrated with the ecosystem so that all schools in Indonesia become driving schools
  • Interventions are carried out holistically, starting from school human resources, learning, planning, digitalization, and local government assistance
  • Assistance is carried out for 3 academic years and the school continues its transformation efforts independently

Benefits of the Mobilization School Program for Local Government
  • Accelerating the improvement of the quality of education in the regions
  • Improving the competence of Human Resources in the Education Unit
  • Make learning more fun and meaningful
  • Opportunity to get an award as an Education Driving Region
  • Become a good practice reference area in the development of driving schools
  • Multiplier effect from Driving School to other Schools

The Benefits of the Mobilizing School Program for Schools
  • Improving the results of the quality of education within a period of 3 academic years
  • Increasing the Competence of Principals and Teachers
  • Accelerating the achievement of Pancasila student profiles
  • Accelerating the Digitalization of schools
  • Opportunity to become a catalyst for change for other educational units
  • Get intensive assistance for the transformation of education units
  • Obtain additional budget for purchasing books for holistic competency learning

General Criteria for Prospective Driving Schools
  • Have the remaining time of duty as a school principal at least 1 (one) time of duty
  • Registered in basic education data (DAPODIK)
  • Make a statement explaining that the principal of the school in question is really on duty at the school with the remaining term of office as school principal, from a foundation/association body for schools organized by the community
  • Attach a certificate of physical, mental health and free from narcotics, psychotropics and addictive substances if passed in the announcement of the second stage of selection
  • Not currently carrying out moderate and/or severe disciplinary punishment in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations
  • Not currently undergoing a legal process in accordance with statutory provisions

Selection Criteria for Candidates for Driving Schools
  • Have a goal/mission
  • Able to make strategic decisions
  • Able to lead change
  • Have the ability to carry out training and mentoring
  • Able to build cooperative relationships
  • Have a learner orientation
  • Have the power of fighting / resilience
  • Have ethical maturity
  • Able to lead implementation
  • Able to encourage innovation

Thus a brief description of the School Mobilization Program in Indonesia. Hopefully useful.

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